The Possible Risks of a Bitcoin Investment

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Bitcoin investment is very good and everyone should give it a try considering the good vibes that are coming from it.  There are clear indications that cryptocurrency is the future of the financial world. You will, therefore, be one of those that will make it big in that future if you invest in it today.  While bitcoin investment decision may be a very good one, you should not forget that such an investment also carries some risks and you should be fully aware of these risks before you put your money into bitcoin investment. You also need to learn a lot about bitcoin price and how it fluctuates so that you will not be caught unawares.  Continue reading to learn more about the various risks associated with this wonderful form of investment.

The price do fluctuate

As mentioned earlier, bitcoin price fluctuates and every bitcoin investor needs to bear this in mind before ever investing in bitcoin.  In fact, the fluctuation is about the most important risk that you may be exposed to as a bitcoin investor.  The fluctuation is primarily due to the volatility in the cryptocurrency market and this volatility can either make you rich or force you to file for bankruptcy.  The price of bitcoin in 2009 was very low, but the price reached up to $1000 in 2016 and skyrocketed to $20,000 in 2017. A year later, it fell as low as $3000. So, you must be fully aware of the possible reduction in value when putting your money on bitcoin investment.

bitcoin price

Absence of track records

One other factor that makes bitcoin investment a rather risky one is the lack of historical track record that is available on other kinds of investment assets and commodities, especially gold.  The fact that there is no track record makes it somewhat difficult to make up one’s mind about the level of volatility to expect in bitcoin in the future and one may not be able to foresee where it is heading.  The issue is one of the factors that make many think that bitcoin investment may not have the desired security expected in any investment asset. Be that as it may, there are indications that the value of bitcoin will rise farther than ever in the future.

History of Faucet in Bitcoin

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Gavin Andersen the man behind the success of the Bitcoin was the first man who came up with the idea of Bitcoin Faucet.  This idea was merely introduced to make the idea of Bitcoin reach millions of people which was not exactly happening after the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi.

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, it remained a mystery for the world. People concluded Bitcoin as a technological mystery hidden in the depths of the internet. At the time when Bitcoin was of little-to-no-use, the concept of the faucet was introduced in the market.

 The question that lingers in mind “what is exactly Bitcoin Faucet”? So in simple terms, Bitcoin Faucet is the idea of rewarding the website visitors with BTC on the completion of certain simple activities. These activities are really simple and easy. They include playing certain small games, signing up for newsletters or even for viewing ads you get rewarded. Did you know Sitoshi is the smallest used denomination of Bitcoin which is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC? Isn’t that exciting?

bonus bitcoin

One more thing to bear in mind is that the transaction of Bitcoin is far more easy and safe as compared to cash. This helps to keep the identity of the sender and the receiver autonomous which reduces the chances of hackers to hack.

Are you still confused whether to invest in Bitcoin or not Well, you need not worry because Bitcoin faucet does not require any investment and you can win free BTC which can later add on to a substantial amount which you can utilize to play further?

Why bit coin is an unavoidable asset class?

The financial market of the entire world is facing the effects of the trade war of two important nations. China and America are imposingtax on the opponent good’s imports into their country. This is making the world tradereactions more tensed. In this situation, people love to buy gold or a similar asset which will help to face these uncertain events. But why not think out of the box in this situation? Just watch the bitcoin price now and you will find it to be stable. You can buy a digital currency that is reliable and has a stable return evenafter a financial crisis. Bit coin will serve this purpose without any hassles.

How it works?

Bit coin is a crypto currency and hence there is no issuing authority for the bit coins. You can transact the bitcoin with the help of peer to peer transactions without the presence of a third party. But a common ledger can serve as an indirect authority in controlling transactions. The bitcoin exchange is now above $10000 and sometimes it could reach around $13000 because of the volatile market situations.

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The bit coin is stable because it is controlled by a network with the help of block chain technology. This offers a private transactions capability but at the same time the buyer is assured of safe and secure purchase without any fraudulent risk. So a great infrastructure is build in order to carry out bit coin transactions. This digital currency can serve as an alternate to other physical asset class like gold.


Certain Facts Of Digital Currency

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Libra is advanced cash and money related foundation fuelled by a Facebook-made block chain dependent on a programming language called Move. It will work as a stable coin making it less subject to the outrageous instability related to digital currency prices. It is required to be propelled in 2020.

coinbase fees

Controlling of Libra

The Libra Association a not-revenue driven association situated in Switzerland would be in charge of adjusting the cryptographic money. Its job would approve exchanges on the block chain and dealing with the stores Libra would be attached to, which incorporate money and government securities. It will house the Libra Association Council which would be involved a delegate each from the establishing individuals from the affiliation, a rundown that peruses like who of the tech and budgetary ventures PayPal, eBay, MasterCard, and Thrive Capital is a portion of the associations that have contributed at least $10 million to the task, gaining a seat on the board.

A splendid future

At the point when Libra is propelled, Facebook will likewise dispatch calibra, a computerized wallet that can be utilized to store Libra. This will permit anybody with a cell phone to send and get Libra. Calibra is required to be accessible on both Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and furthermore as an independent application. Crypto idealists and lovers have rushed to condemn the association of enormous partnerships in a world known for its independence and the nonattendance of brought together, controlling specialists. Facebook’s new task is driving considerably more traffic toward bitcoin and the progressive tech that is blockchain, which could be a positive thing sooner rather than later. The bulls continue stopping on, and the BTC cost could achieve exceptional levels soon.

The Internet and its Effect on Fashion

Fashion is the epitome of beauty nowadays. For the fashion conscious people, every time they go somewhere they always ask themselves what to wear. Some people have loads of clothes and complete sets in their closets yet saying they can’t find some to wear for the day. All over the internet is the different photos of people wearing their own definition of fashion. From shirts and tops, that show the body build till the pants and shorts that give emphasis to your legs. Let us also not forget the shoes, where it is the most highlighted part in your set of dress up for the day.

The Internet has a lot of fashion tips for everyone. Many people post their styles and fashion sense if you want to find out click to investigate. Many articles, news, and magazines talk about styles of the different high rated people in the industry. Some of these styles are being copied by many. Trends are also because of the internet. Social media can influence so many. It is easy to share your fashion statement with everyone and feel so unique. 

Social media tools and fashion 

A lot of social media tools are rising in our modern world. Some of this our camera phone and DSLR with high resolutions. Having a high resolution pictures taken can be more beautiful. The internet is full of these wonderful photos. Having these photos taken the masses are in chaos in finding their new sets of clothes. This is also good for business for it makes your product more pretty. Many like and share are being got by a single photo. This single photo can stand as the original design and the host of trends. If people see a beautiful dress they will surely buy it and wear it the next day. The Internet can really affect fashion in just a click.

For extra information about internet and fashion

Effects and filters are also being used to make a single photo more beautiful as it was in reality. Fashion is not all about the clothes or sets you have. It is all about how you wear it and show it to the people. There are a lot of dresses and clothes in the world yet if being worn by people who cannot carry it right, the fashion sense is fading. No matter what you wear if you know how to wear it and have confidence in yourself then you will be one of the prettiest. It is not just because of the camera use or some filters.

Features of bitcoin wallet that makes it effective and highly popular

Bitcoin is something that many are still learning to understand, and yes, it is difficult to get used to it completely. But one thing that can make bitcoin and bitcoin transactions super easy and simple is a bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin wallets are just like any other normal wallets, of which the basic objective is to store currency and in this case, it is cryptocurrency bitcoin that it stores. One of the biggest difference in the private key that helps in keeping the wallet safe and also it keeps track of every transaction that has been done.

There are some of the features that make the bitcoin wallets great and also help people in getting more comfortable with bitcoin. Some of them are mentioned below:

bitcoin wallet

No need for personal information

this wallet does not require any personal information as a mandatory requirement, therefore, it provides full privacy. This gives the wallet users freedom to use bitcoins without any scrutiny and also one should stay away from wallet services which ask for personal information.

Easy public key generation

A mobile bitcoin wallet flaunts this feature as it puts another layer of privacy. One can receive bitcoins from any other person in a public key and these wallets allow one to generate a public key every time without much hassle. Therefore it becomes next to impossible to track the recipient as well as the sender.

Payment in the same account twice canceled

Sending bitcoins into the same private address twice will reduce one privacy which means it should be avoided at any cost. so when one scans a QR code to pay someone with bitcoins and if the address is same there will be an automatic denial of payment

Optional password protection

Most of the bitcoin wallets come with an option of whether to use a password every time one wants to log in or not. therefore one is not forced to put password every time one wants to pay bitcoin.

Proper labeling of account

This is very important for handling one’s bitcoin wallet so that one can color code the accounts and manage the individual as well as business bitcoin addresses without much trouble.

All these bitcoin wallet features are something that makes it different from cryptocurrency wallets and also one can use the bitcoin currency to its maximum potential without having to worry about security and privacy.

Learning About South Carolina Down Payment Assistance Programs

The process of homeownership is a satisfying experience but there are many who put off home buying due to lack of funds. You must know that the down payment and closing costs are excessive that it can sometimes throw you off-guard. However, if you know the right assistance program, you might have a chance to pull it off.

There are many DPA (Down Payment Assistance) programs that you can consider. You have to learn each program so you will know the right one for your needs. DPA programs are designed to help low to moderate-income families and individuals purchase a home. To get started, you should know this down payment assistance guide by OnQFinancial:

National first-time homebuyer programs
The national programs help first-time homebuyers across the country make the leap. Here are some programs that you can consider:

• FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans: FHA loans are the most popular type of

loan because you can qualify with a credit score of 580 for a 3.5% down payment. If your credit score is below 500, you will need a 10% down payment.
• VA (Veterans Affairs) loans: this loan is best for current US military servicemen and their eligible beneficiaries. If you qualify, you will see benefits like no minimum credit score and no down payment. However, you are likely to pay a VA funding fee.
• USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loans: USDA loan aims to inspire rural and suburban homeownership by offering 0 down payment mortgages especially to lower-income buyers.

South Carolina first-time homebuyers programs
While there are national programs, there are statewide programs that you can also consider. Here are some programs that you can consider specifically targeted in South Carolina:
• SC Housing: this program offers 30-year fixed-rate loans with the help of participating

lenders including conventional, FHA and the USDA mortgages. The requirements differ by loan program. As for the properties, it includes single-family homes, townhomes, modular homes, and lender-approved condos.
• Repayable down payment assistance: this is in combination with loan programs available through SC Housing. For households that earn above 80% of AMI (Area Median Income), they are eligible for repayable assistance up to $6,000.
• Forgivable down payment assistance: for households that earn below the 80% AMI, $6,000 cash assistance is a forgivable second mortgage. This means that there is no charged interest and no due payments. After ten years of living in the home, the loan is forgiven.
• SC Mortgage Tax Credit Program: for qualified taxpayers, this program provides them with an annual federal income tax credit up to $2,000 versus the mortgage interest paid – whether they itemise taxes or not.

Now that you know the programs, the next step is to apply. Although the SC Housing handles these programs, local lenders will do the paperwork. They will also have different qualifying guidelines. With this, it is important to shop around and compare the offers from lenders to get the best terms. If you want to learn more, you should visit the SC Housing website. It is also better to consult the lenders who participate in the programs.