Used Car Dealership 101: Red Flags That You’re at a Bad One

Shady used car dealerships have earned a reputation for their shadiness, scamming tactics, and of course, high-risk financing. But that reputation is not the same with all the used car dealers out there, there are still car dealers whom you can trust with. Since lots of people are considering to buy used cars instead of new ones, many shady car dealers used this opportunity to scam and trick people.

One of the main reasons that a car dealership may become shady because selling used vehicles is a little bit tricky for some dealers too. Of course, a used vehicle may encounter tons of potential hazard along the road, this is due to negligence, accidents, floods, overloading, and sometimes lack of vehicle maintenance of the last owner.

A good and reliable car dealership should do the right job to fix those issues right away before placing the used vehicle on sale. One of the key factors to find a reliable car dealer is to recognize all the vehicle’s mechanical issues and to address and fix them immediately. To make it short, small used car lots are much riskier than the larger and well-established used car dealerships.

You can check some reliable car dealerships around you by simply typing this phrase on your search engine “car dealers near me”, most often, the first result that pops-out on the result page is somewhat reliable compared to others. But take note, not all car dealership who appears on the first page are all reliable. Always conduct a research first before paying.

Below are the red flags you need to watch out in a shady used car dealership:

Reliable Car Dealership Must Have a Shop 

A reliable car dealership should have their own garage and must get a certified mechanics only. These certified mechanics are responsible to conduct a throughout the inspection to their used vehicles and have the ability to address all mechanical issues on a certain used car.

Remember, the more mechanics and the bigger the shop is, the more mechanical issued they’re likely to fix and accommodate correctly. But be aware, if the car dealership has its own shop it doesn’t mean that all of their mechanics are capable enough to find and fix mechanical issues.

You can ask the car dealership if the mechanics they employed are all certified. And if not, think twice or ditch that car dealership right away.

Reliable Car Dealership Must-Have Warranties 

A reliable car dealership should have warranties such as CPO (certified pre-owned) programs for their used vehicles. If they don’t have CPO programs, they should have at least other warranties that could cover the buyer’s peace of mind when something happens about the used vehicle they had purchased with them. These warranties may include at least up to 60-day or 90-day and above guarantee and replacement if something happens along the way.

A good car dealership must be proud of these warranties, it’ll only mean that the used cars they are selling are really high-qualities and well-inspected. But if a car dealership can’t provide these type of services, then you need to make a decision to ditch them right away or be fooled.

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